Moments Of Pleasure : The Music Of Kate Bush

What People Are Saying!

Bryan Archer Simply amazing friday night at kingsdown wine vaults
Alan Richardson WOW ( no pun intended) I cannot believe how true to KB you are. The band are so tight and the vocals are just incredible. If I close my eyes I'm transported back to Hammersmith in the 70's and the most theatrical music gig I have ever attended. The accents are spot on, range perfect, notation stunning. Add to this the supreme visual likeness to Kate and the package become whole. Thank you for giving Kate back to the music world, i will be seeing you in the future, thats a promise.
Carl Burrage Hi . I love watching your live feeds. You are all very talented with such close attention to every little nuance of Kate's music. Any plans to tour and perhaps come to Norwich? Bristol is quite a trek for me! Carl X
Swan Montgomery Hi, Swan Montgomery here singer from Led Zepagain based in the states. I must say am blown away by your voice. Been a big fan of Kate's for a long time now. Just didn't think anyone else could do it .
Archie Dalrymple "Wow" seems like the most appropriate response.....
Fats Harvis Thanks for an entertaining, impressively accomplished performance.
Paul Michael Chilcott Amazing night loved every minute brilliant.
Bartholomew Dixie Normas Best tribute ever!
Joe Conway Looking forward to more videos! Thank You for what you do!
Eve Wallach Saw it on video you guys sounded fantastic !!!!
Christina Hayes Very impressed, you were all fantastic, sounds really great. Wishing you all the best for future gigs.
Colette Cassin-Davies Excellent!! All brilliant musicians... but your homage to Kate is exceptional!! Well done.
Mike Bullock Sounds amazing
Andy Misselbrook Absolutely brilliant! Spot on!!
Mark Rose Loving you here in the USA
Ross McGlinchey Best tribute I've have ever heard/seen
Palo Daqu Luvely. Congratulations and Best Wishes from across the pond.
Nina Ollerenshaw Was luckily there to experience a remarkable evening. Just superb all involved.
Stewart Higman Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Unbelievable! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Unbelievable soooooooo glad I didn't miss this...
Sigurd Odinsson Wow that was a really great cover
Penny Wilkinson Absolutely brilliant. X
Rhiannon Jane Gardner Blooming brilliant!!
Robert Soper You are one very talented lady - well done, really wonderful
Simon Penn Fanfuckingtastic. Make sure you come to the Black marry me. X
Andrew Chadwick This makes me like Kate Bush even more.
Paul Michael Chilcott Brilliant brilliant brilliant
Andy Misselbrook Wow! Fantastic!
Heather Jay Franklin This is so beautiful guys, a triumph xx
Eilidh Smuggler Great stuff x
Mark Edward Hodgson Wonderful
Annette Dewgarde Most people who try to sing kate I have to turn off but you really do the songs justice and can listen and thoroughly enjoy. X
Sandra Davis Wonderfully Talented pianist too.
Fats Harvis Many thanks for an enjoyable, authentic replication.
Andrea Brine Oh my gosh.! I've listened to Kate Bush since I was about 10 years old, she one of my all time faves! You sound absolutely brilliant!
Sandra Davis Symphony in blue probably one of my fav's ,can't be easy to sing this one and you nailed it
John Looney Morgan I am speechless"thank you ".
Liz Semple Beautiful voice
David Stevans If you close your eyes... it's Kate
Robert Dalgleish Fabulous
Mike Osinski Lovely
Nigel Bird WoW
Tim Phanco Beautiful
Andrew Johnson You were gr8. Let us know a schedule should u decide to go on tour. symphony in Blue was magic!
Simone Claire Balzama Fab Lisa, all songs performed well throughout. Not easy material to sing at all. I think you both did a great job. X
Nick Stylianides Fabulous voice Lisa. Very impressed.
Tim Hodges Sounds amazing, well done
Peter Hassett Amazing!
Bee Greenwood Giving me chills
Paul Doran Bloody Brilliant
David Paul Carr Amazing
Jane Franklin FABULOUS
Rose Bell Lovely. Stunning! Well done all
John Looney Morgan You have just made a 19 stone ex doorman have tears in his eyes listening to this.
Andrea Brine The hairs on my arms have stood up!
John Looney Morgan Breathe x breathe x my god what a performance.x
Sally Edmonds Great keys and vocals. Very nostalgic.
Paul Doran Thank you for that brilliant performance
Ali King I love watching you sing as well as listening, you are a fab performer xx
Di Toft Beautiful! Can't wait to see you live. Brilliant vocals and brilliant piano, well done x
Martin Hickmott Totally awesome, wish you all the best x
Dan Rue Wow, you have her down! Beautiful, beautiful.. Thank you for this!!!!!
Ceri Petrie That was a beautiful performance.
Pete Waldock Great performance. Thank you for the moment of pleasure x
Tim Phanco This is a "Moment of Pleasure."
Darren Cornwall Beautiful you have that 'heartmelting' tone
Star Angeliah Cole A Woman's Work is my favourite Kate Bush Song & you sung it brilliantly!
Gary Lovett Great performance and props to Mark on the ivories...
Dan March What's a moment of pleasure!
Helen Griffiths This is brilliant, well done xxx
Faye Richards Well done, really enjoyed your performance !
George Luke Liverpool needs you!
Bill Wyldman Brilliant
Philipp Wagler Stunning!
Phil Mccheyne Well done it's brilliant
Paul Smith Really good.
Dan Rue Moments - really well done!
Ali King Beautiful xx
John Ryder Awesome..
Martin Hickmott Excellent x
Rob Miller Superb
Vicky Harris Really good- lovely voice
Mark Edward Hodgson Great job. Love this.
Jules Wules Wonderful
Yo Trace Waters Brilliant guys xxx
Jane Clancy Beautiful
Dan Rue Nice!
Dave Hawker Fantastic
Sandra Barnes Fantastic guys!!!
Kathy Mccheyne Really brilliant
Tim Phanco Simply fantastic!
Myron Michael Wow wow wow unbelievable
Dawn Thorner Just beautiful xx
Nathalie Soma You star. Love it
Andy Misselbrook Bloomin marvellous!!
Izabela Kaczur-Kaczynska Fantastic grasp of Kate's sophistication!
Wayne Ingold Excellent
Simon Edwards Sounds great
John Critchley Fabulous
Heath Allen Chills
John Critchley Wow stunning x
Tina Horwood Fab! xx
Lauren Violeta Phillips Amazing xx
Michael Nolan Wow
James Andrew Pearce Lush
Cas Steadman Wow
Eve Wallach Omg just fantastic !!!
Mark Longdon Such a powerful voice
George Ambrus Really awesome!
Eve Wallach Beautiful !!!!! Well done fantastic xx
Stephen Greenhalgh Wow you are amazing
Danni Ltm So talented!
Mario Nerbolino Great singer!!!
Stephen Kempin Absolutely spot on!
Robert Smith Beautiful
Dave Quinn Brilliant
Vicki Longwood You were amazing guys
Tami Tappan Damiano Wow she's amazing
Leslie Michy Kallmeier Love it
Leeandra Toop That was sensational, can't wait until your are local as so want to see you live !!!!