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01.11.1993 The Red Shoes (album) released - Inspired by the 1948 ballet film of the same name, the album features a number of famous guests, including Eric Clapton, Gary Brooker of Procol Harum, Prince, and comedian Lenny Henry. It's also Bush's last release before a 12-year hiatus.
02.11.1982 Suspended in Gaffa (released as a single in continental Europe and Australia)
02.11.1982 There Goes a Tenner released
02.11.1982 There Goes a Tenner is released in the U.K., and Suspended in Gaffa is released in all other territories. There Goes a Tenner is the "lost single". It is not promoted and gains no airplay on radio. It is the only single of Kate's not to enter the official chart. Suspended in Gaffa is, however, a great success, going top ten in most European countries and in Canada [? Top ten?] and Australia.
07.11.1978 Hammer Horror enters the British singles chart at the unexpectedly low place of number 73.
07.11.1994 And So Is Love released
07.11.2005 Aerial (album) released
08.11.1978 Kate flies back to the U.K. for a private buffet at The Venue for the presentation of the Melody Maker 1978 Poll Awards. In the first year of her public career Kate has been voted Best Female Vocalist and Brightest Hope of 1978.
09.11.1986 Kate interrupts the shooting of the Experiment IV video to attend a party at the Video Cafe organised by the Kate Bush Club and Homeground.
10.11.1978 The international release of Lionheart.
10.11.1986 The Whole Story (album) released
10.11.1986 The Whole Story, the first Kate Bush compilation album, is released. It is promoted by the most expensive TV advertising campaign EMI has ever mounted. Sales are massive.
12.11.1981 Kate attends a party at Abbey Road Studios to celebrate the studios' 50 years of operation. She cuts the celebration cake with Helen Shapiro.
13.11.1978 Lionheart (album) released
13.11.1982 EMI-America releases The Dreaming album, which enters the Billboard Top 200, the first of Kate's albums to do so. The album begins to get a crop of very good U.S. reviews praising its creativity. The album is pushed by spots on U.S. college radio, and towards the end of the year airplay begins to pick up. Kate begins to expand her small cult following in the U.S. to attract a wider audience.
13.11.1993 Kate Bush debuts her musical short film The Line, The Cross & The Curve at the London Film Festival. The short, starring actress Miranda Richardson as a ballet dancer cursed by magic slippers, is an extended music video featuring songs from Bush's album The Red Shoes.
15.11.1993 Moments of Pleasure released
17.11.1978 Kate performs Don't Push Your Foot on the Heartbrake on The Leo Sayer Show, on BBC TV. She is off on a personal appearance tour of British record shops.
17.11.1980 December Will Be Magic Again is released. No promotional video is made for this single. Kate is working with Peter Gabriel. They record a new version of Roy Harper's song Another Day, for a projected single. They also attempt to co-write a song for the b-side, and a song called Ibiza results. (Note: PFM spells this "Ibizza", but this is probably an error. "Ibiza" is the spelling for the Spanish coastal resort island.) They are not satisfied with it, however, and the project is shelved.
17.11.1985 Kate flies on the Concorde to New York (via Washington, D.C.) to promote the album and single. She makes a personal appearance at the Tower Record Store in Greenwich Village for which the queue extends for hundreds of yards around the block. She appears on the local New York news programme Live at Five, and tapes an interview for later airing on the cable programmes Night Flight, Heartlight City and Radio 1990. She also visits the MTV studios to tape a brace of short interviews. She is also interviewed by Love-Hound Doug Alan. A track from the new album, Hello Earth, is featured as background music for a scene in the then-top-rated U.S. TV series Miami Vice.
18.11.1979 Kate participates in the concert to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the London Symphony Orchestra, with Cliff Richard. Kate gives the first (and to date the only) public performance of Blow Away, the song she dedicated to Bill Duffield.
20.11.1989 This Woman's Work released
21.11.1978 Hammer Horror reaches its chart peak, number 44. Lionheart enters the album chart at number 36.
21.11.1981 Kate appears on the commercial TV programme Friday Night Saturday Morning, a new chat show, at the invitation of the host, zoologist Dr. Desmond Morris, to talk about her music and expressive dance.
21.11.1983 Night of the Swallow (released in Ireland)
21.11.2011 50 Words for Snow (album) released
25.11.1980 Kate appears on the BBC TV chat programme The Russell Harty Show for an edition dedicated to the composer Frederick Delius. She is interviewed with the cellist Julian Lloyd Webber and Delius's assistant and collaborator Eric Fenby. Following a screening of part of Kate's Dr. Hook video of Delius, Fenby suggests that the composer would have seen it as "a very gracious tribute."
25.11.1991 Rocket Man (I Think It's Going to Be a Long, Long Time) released
25.11.2016 Before the Dawn (album) released
26.11.2007 Lyra released
28.11.1979 Kate attends the Melody Maker Annual Poll Awards dinner at the Waldorf Hotel. For the second year running she is presented with the Best Female Singer award. During November Kate records a track called December Will Be Magic Again, which she wants to release as a Christmas single. [For undisclosed reasons the release is postponed.]
30.11.1979 A new recording of Lesley Duncan's Sing, Children, Sing is released, with Kate, Pete Townsend, Joe Brown and Vicki Brown on backing vocals. (Kate's voice is indistinguishable.) All profits from the single are to go to the U.N. Year of the Child fund.
30.11.1985 Running Up That Hill peaks at number 30 in the U.S. Billboard chart.

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